Green Foundation Training Online

Aim of Green Product Foundation Training Online

The Green Foundation Training Online is an e-learning course that provides learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop and market environmentally friendly products. The course covers topics such as Green Product Definition, Green Product Development Processes, and more. EAS offers the Green Foundation Training Online, designed for entrepreneurs, product developers, marketing professionals, and others who want to learn more about developing and marketing Green Products.

Who Can Attend?

The Green Foundation Training Online is open to anyone interested in learning more about developing and marketing environmentally friendly products. This includes:

  • Environmental engineers
  • Environmental control officers
  • Product manufacturers
  • Urban planners
  • Employees of Green certified companies
  • Companies that are seeking Green Certification

Benefits of Green Foundation Training Online

  • Learn about Green Product Definition
  • Understand Green Product Development Processes
  • Gain knowledge about Green Marketing and Advertising
  • Familiarize yourself with Green Packaging and Labeling
  • Discover Sustainable Supply Chains
  • Become more environmentally aware

Course Contents

  • Module 1: Green Product Definition
  • Module 2: Green Product Development Processes
  • Module 3: Green Marketing and Advertising
  • Module 4: Green Packaging and Labeling
  • Module 5: Sustainable Supply Chains

Each module includes a variety of learning activities, such as PowerPoint Presentations, downloadable course material, quizzes, and more!

Self-Learning Format for Green Foundation Training Online

The Green foundation Training Online is designed for professionals who want to learn on their own time. This awareness training course may be done at your own pace and you will have access to the course material for 30 days. The following course materials and activities will be given:

  • Online Learning Modules
  • Developing an understanding of key topics via collaborative activities
  • At the end of each learning session, quizzes are provided to assess students' progress.
  • Course reference materials for delegates (downloadable for offline use)
  • Any concerns, doubts, or clarifications can be addressed via our Technical Support Team.


Upon successful completion of the Green Foundation Training Online, you will receive a certificate of completion.

To learn more about the green foundation training online, please refer to the frequently asked questions.

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Green Foundation
- Online/Selflearning


USD 175

Course Duration : Days