ISO 15189 Foundation Course Online

Aim of ISO 15189 Foundation Training

The self-driven ISO 15189 online course provided by EAS has been designed to help individuals learn and demonstrate commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, as well as to understand ISO 15189 Medical Laboratories — requirements for quality and competence. The objective of this ISO 15189 online course is to provide you with an overview of the requirements of the ISO 15189 standard as a tool for business improvement.

Who are Eligible to Apply?

There are no prerequisites for attending this course, so anyone interested in medical laboratory quality management is eligible to apply. However, ISO 15189 awareness training is recommended for anyone working in medical or clinical laboratories to gain a better understanding of how to improve processes to provide quality products and services to customers in an efficient manner.

What are the Benefits of this ISO 15189 Online Course?

The main benefits of ISO 15189 awareness training are:

  • Gain a better understanding of the ISO 15189 standard
  • Empowers employees to meet quality objectives and increase efficiency
  • Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to understand the purpose of a quality management system and describe the relevant standard 
  • Eligible to apply for the ISO 15189 internal auditor course after completing this course

What is Covered?

  • History of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and its purpose
  • Basic concepts of ISO 15189
  • The requirements for ISO 15189
  • The benefits of implementing
  • The approach to implementation

Self-Learning Format for ISO 15189 Online Course

This mode of learning is suitable for individuals who are working professionals. You can complete this ISO 15189 online course at your own pace and have online access to the course material for 30 days. The following course material and activities will be provided:

  • Online Learning Modules
  • Interactive activities to develop an understanding of key concepts
  • Quizzes at the end of learning modules for continuous assessment
  • Standard copies
  • Delegate course reference materials (downloadable for offline use)
  • You will receive a certification once you complete this course, and will be eligible for taking an internal auditor training course.
  • Online/Email support for any questions or clarifications

To learn more about the ISO 15189 foundation course, please refer to the frequently asked questions.

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ISO 15189:2012 Foundation Training - Self Learning

Medical Laboratories | 15189-Aw-SL

USD 175

Course Duration : 30 Days