SA 8000 Foundation Training

Social Accountability 8000 | SA8000

Aim of the course

Our online self driven awareness course has been designed to learn and demonstrate commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, as well as continuously improving your Social Accountability .The objective of the training is to provide you with an overview and over all requirements of SA8000 as a tool for business improvement.

Who can attend this course?

The persons working in various in industries as a

  • Managerial level
  • Supervisory level
  • Shop floor level employees
  • Plant level employees

Persons involved in developing, implementing & managing their business activities of Manufacturing, Processing and Service, etc to achieve organization’s goals & objectives with respect to SA 8000.

What are the benefits of attending this course?

The main benefits of awareness training is giving an introduction to the (ISO) International Organization for Standardization; its infrastructure, memberships, the standard’s development process and procedures. It will give a basic idea about the standard, benefits, procedures and audit details also. Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to understand the purpose of a management system and describe the relevant standard.

What is covered?

  • Basic concepts
  • The principles of significant standard
  • The requirements for the relevant standard
  • The benefits of implementing
  • The approach to implementation


Once the foundation course is completed, you can take up the online quiz and subjected score obtained of 50% an e-certificate for the course attended will be generated

USD 175

Course Duration : 1 Days