HACCP Certification Course Online (Internal Auditor)

Aim of the HACCP Online Certification Course

The aim of the HACCP Certification Course Online is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop, implement and manage a HACCP system. The course covers all aspects of the HACCP system from hazard identification to corrective action. EAS offers HACCP online certification course that aids participants in learning how to assess and control food safety hazards, develop and implement preventive controls, monitor and verify the HACCP system, and conduct internal audits.

Who Should Attend?

Our HACCP Certification Course online is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about HACCP, including:

  • Food-related professionals that need a deeper grasp of HACCP's crucial controls
  • Managers and the leadership team responsible for HACCP development, implementation, maintenance, auditing, and improvement in food safety certified businesses
  • Anyone interested in adopting HACCP in their company.

Course Outline

Our HACCP Certification Course Online includes the following topics:

  • Module 1: The Basics of Food Safety and HACCP
  • Module 2: Hazard Identification
  • Module 3: Control Measures
  • Module 4: The HACCP System
  • Module 5: Monitoring and Verification
  • Module 6: Corrective Action
  • Module 7: Internal Auditing

Benefits of Our HACCP Online Certification Course

Some benefits of taking our HACCP online certification course include:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles and concepts of food safety and HACCP
  • Understand how to assess and control food safety hazards
  • Learn how to develop, implement, maintain, audit, and improve a HACCP system
  • Earn a HACCP internal auditor Certificate that is recognized globally after successfully completing the course

What Prior Knowledge Should I Have?

It is recommended that participants have a basic understanding of food safety before taking this HACCP certification course online. If you wish to learn about the basics and fundamentals of HACCP from the start, you can also refer to our HACCP Foundation Course Online.

Virtual Learning Mode

Candidates will study this HACCP online certification course in a virtual environment. It's a two-day (16-hour) program with training sessions conducted by our certified HACCP auditors using Zoom meetings. The internal HACCP auditor training via EAS has the following:

  • Proactive Learning Modules with experienced tutors
  • Team activities and presentations
  • Case studies and role-play events
  • Insights on audit perspectives and training videos
  • e-Booklet Course Material for Offline Use that may be downloaded
  • 24/7 Online Support & Email Service (for queries)
  • Online Examination

Final Exam

The final exam will have three sections:

Section A: will feature 10 objective questions carrying one mark each.

Section B: will consist of 4 short answer questions, each carrying five marks.

Section C: Two audit scenario case studies carrying ten marks each.


Candidates who successfully pass the online examination with a minimum score of 70% will receive a HACCP Internal Auditor certificate.

To learn more about our HACCP Certification Course Online, please refer to the frequently asked questions. EAS also offers a self-paced HACCP Internal Auditor Course online. Ready to enroll? Get HACCP internal auditor training free registration today!

HACCP Internal Auditor
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Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point | HACCP-IA-VIR

Course Duration : 2 Days