ISO 50001 Internal Auditor Course Online

Aim of the ISO 50001 Internal Auditor Course

The ISO 50001 Internal Auditor Course online provided by EAS aids people in understanding ISO 50001:2018 and the essential principles of the Energy Management System (EnMS). Internal auditing is a systematic process for obtaining information about an organization's processes, policies, and controls to assure that those objectives are achieved. As part of this course, you'll learn how to identify internal control deficiencies through the creation of audit plans. This training also covers ISO 19011 (auditing standards) and includes instructions on how to develop an audit program.

The ISO 50001 Internal Auditor Training Course is suitable for those who are in charge of auditing or will be involved in the certification process of an energy management system (EnMS) that has been implemented according to ISO 50001:2018. This includes personnel who would like to better understand their organization's EnMS and ISO 50001, its purpose, and requirements.

Who Can Attend the Course?

  • Any person involved in developing the effectiveness of EnMS
  • Management representatives & Top management
  • Energy Management Consultants
  • ISO Consultants
  • Internal Energy Managers
  • Facilities Manager, Energy Engineers

Why Attend the Course?

This ISO 50001 Internal Auditor Course online will offer you an overview of the EnMS standard, which provides guidelines for energy management. It focuses on common principles of ISO 50001 and its requirements for implementing an organization's EnMS.

You'll learn the key concepts, roles, and responsibilities of an EnMS internal auditor, including how to implement an ISO 50001 based management system successfully. Moreover, you'll also discover the five important steps that are critical to the success of an ISO 50001 internal audit.

This certification course ensures the achievement of energy efficiency goals through management-defined strategies, policies, targets, and practices. You will also learn how ISO 50001 can be used as a tool to improve processes for achieving an organization's goals.

What are the Benefits of an ISO 50001 Internal Auditor Course Online?

  • Improve your career prospects
  • Gain valuable insight into ISO 50001:2018 and how to manage energy
  • Receive advice on implementing an effective EnMS
  • Learn about the roles & responsibilities in developing an internal audit program
  • Explore how to create effective management review procedures
  • Write factual audit reports and suggest corrective actions

What is Covered?

  • Introduction to the Energy Management System
  • Overview of ISO 50001:2018
  • Requirements of the Energy Management System
  • Energy policy and objectives
  • Audit definition, types, and concepts
  • Auditing guidelines (ISO 19011)
  • Audit report preparation and as well as checklist preparation
  • Follow-up procedures for internal audit
  • Roles and responsibilities of an internal auditor

What Prior Knowledge Should I Have?

It is highly recommended that you have prior knowledge of the following concepts before attending the ISO 50001 Internal Auditor Course online:

  • The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle
  • Basic knowledge of the requirements of ISO 50001 standards
  • Commonly used terms and definitions associated with ISO standards

Individuals who would like a beginner-level course on the ISO 50001 standard can check out our ISO 50001 Foundation Course Online.

Self-Learning Format for ISO 50001 Internal Auditor Training Online (30 days)

The ISO 50001 internal auditor training online is beneficial for individuals who are working professionals. You receive 30 days of online access to the course materials and can complete the course at your own speed.

The following course material and activities will be provided:

  • Online Learning Modules
  • Interactive activities to develop an understanding of key concepts
  • Quizzes at the end of learning modules for continuous assessment
  • Standard copies
  • Delegate course reference materials (downloadable for offline use)
  • Online examination at the end of the course to achieve internal auditor certification
  • Online/Email support for any questions or clarifications

Assessment and Certification

The ISO 50001 Internal Auditor course online assesses the candidate at the end of the training session through an Online Examination.

Final Exam

The final exam will have 3 sections:

  • Section A: 10 objective questions carrying one mark each.
  • Section B: 4 short answer questions, each carrying five marks.
  • Section C: Two audit scenario case studies carrying ten marks each.

Criteria for successful completion: The evaluation of this course will be based on the scores obtained on the final examination. A minimum score of 70% should be achieved on the final exam to receive a course completion certificate.

To learn more about the ISO 50001 Internal Auditor Course Online, please refer to the frequently asked questions. EAS also offers the ISO 50001 Internal Auditor Course online through Virtual Classroom Mode!

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ISO 50001:2018 Internal Auditor
- Online/Selflearning

Energy Management System | EnMS-IA-SL

USD 275

Course Duration : 30 Days